Why we dare to demand Real Education Ep. 1

As a final year student in the school we popularly would call 'better by far' compared to other universities in Nigeria due to its annual record as the highest sought after University in Nigeria,  though this is not to say UNILORIN is actually the best school in the Country but it suffices to say it is in the very class of the best available tertiary education in Nigeria.

This gives me a rare opportunity to examine what Nigerian higher education in its best have to offer and with news and interviews with friends in other universities, i can boast of a comprehensive view of higher education in Nigeria on completion on this investigative series.
Being the first episode, it's pertinent to express my very intent in the writing of this articles and then the expected content.

My intent being to give a voice to the true experience of the average student in Nigeria, the fate of the average youth and the future of our Country.

This journal will capture the day-to-day cases of student oppression on both personal and secondary encounters, interviews and news headlines. I hope to speak directly to your deepest pains and highlight analytically the systemic or rather cultural loopholes that imposes such unending insecurities on the youth and by extention the future of our dear country.

Next episode i will be discussing True education Vs Nigeria's education ....

Hopefully you will know why we dare to demand true education for all

H.E.L.P Journal 2019 ©
Episode Author: Olympus Ade-Banjo


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