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Global Ethics Day 2018-Nigeria

Theme: Promoting Ethics on Campus; Safe Space For Students.

We campaign for:
- Due Process on campus

-The eradication of the culture of student abuse

-The eradication of cultism and other forms of campus violence 


What ethics matter most in your space?

How to participate
-Follow HELP foundation - help_studentsng
-Write your Ethical message(s) on a cardboard
-Snap them with you and friends
-Upload the pictures on social media with


The Tale of my Path

 Omole Tabel T.

The Tale of my Path.

I thought of dropping several things, seeing an ant turn enormous right before me.

Becoming unbearable is the word that leaves our mouths.
Getting to an end is certain, how to pass is blot.

I see the path I was to tread so obscure,
All in my thought; I just need to focus and I will be there.

To my surprise, the wing of an elephant can not make it fly.

Yet, still in my state of dry rain, I drop everything in my hands to embrace the shadow that never comes to my grip.
All in the name of one thing.

Despite the journey filled with thorns,
The slogan remains; Never Give Up
All in the name of one thing.

At last my journey has come to a bay
the best complain, the average prate "
the journey is for the strong and the mighty"
all in the name of one thing.

Whenever you are met, the questions you are asked, and how people relate with you on surface is based on this one thing.

*And for you, not to fail though it may seem like that for so many, i…


The time has come for higher education students in Nigeria to give their feelings a voice.

    This survey is designed to collect the experiences and opinions of students on the quality of campus experience in Nigeria which would enable us draw accurate conclusion and choose the best approach to achieving a world-class higher education experience in Nigeria. The survey for year 2018 runs from August 12th till December 12th.
click to take the survey

     The mode of survey involves more dominantly online google form and partly manual methods. This is designed for a wide coverage for accurate conclusion.

     All students as at 2018 are eligible to take the survey including the outgoing finalists.

     We urge all participants to be honest with their responses and encourage their mates to participate. We appreciate your support in helping us achieve a more liberal and progressive quality higher education in Nigeria.

Don't stop standing peacefully for the rights of our students because …