The time has come for higher education students in Nigeria to give their feelings a voice.

    This survey is designed to collect the experiences and opinions of students on the quality of campus experience in Nigeria which would enable us draw accurate conclusion and choose the best approach to achieving a world-class higher education experience in Nigeria. The survey for year 2018 runs from August 12th till December 12th.
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     The mode of survey involves more dominantly online google form and partly manual methods. This is designed for a wide coverage for accurate conclusion.

     All students as at 2018 are eligible to take the survey including the outgoing finalists.

     We urge all participants to be honest with their responses and encourage their mates to participate. We appreciate your support in helping us achieve a more liberal and progressive quality higher education in Nigeria.

Don't stop standing peacefully for the rights of our students because our students too deserve the best of higher education experience.
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